Hey, we’re on Youtube!.

Photographer in action on a sunny day in the forest
At first we weren’t to keen to have a Zabriskie Media Youtube channel. As you might know, we’re already on Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram, so why should we have Youtube? We didn’t want it to be a copy of our Vimeo account, nor did we want to upload videos that are already published on other Youtube channels. It should be different. It should have a real raison d’être.

When I was cleaning up my hard disk last week, I found quite a lot of stuff I had forgotten about. Some videos were just tests of new film gear (gimbals, cameras, microphones, etc.), others were teasers that had only been published on Facebook or really short and quick cuts we made during an event to upload directly on social media. Let’s look at some examples:

So you may say that we’re using our Youtube channel a bit for the leftovers and the less polished films, but that’s OK. Some people probably also want to see that kind of work. In the end, we filmed and edited it, so we should be proud of it, even if it was just a test. 

I hope you enjoy watching it!

Bruno Keustermans