Waar een wil is, is een wegske.

Zabriskie production

We absolutely love mountain biking! That’s the reason why our first Zabriskie production – Where there’s a will, there’s a trail – is a series of three films about mountain biking in Belgium. We want to show that, despite the lack of big mountains, our small country is an awesome place to ride. Longing to be outside, breathing nature, hitting the trails and having fun is for us the spirit of a true mountain biker!

What’s better than celebrating the beauty of mountain biking during a long and warm summer day? Ride some of your favorite freshly cleaned trails, grab a beer and enjoy your home ground at its best.
Hoegaarden, Belgium
June 2017

To ride some freshly shaped trails with a bunch of friends, is the best thing there is for a mountain biker! That’s why we followed our protagonist, Michael Janssens, during the ‘Komquest‘, a MTB Trail race with a twist organized in Bertem (Belgium) by Maison Vélo. That race and this film are both a proof that you don’t need big mountains to have a lot of fun on the bike.

The third episode of ‘Waar een wil is, is een wegske’ is about love. The love for mountain biking, but far more important… the love for your family, your wife and kids. This little portrait shows that you should do what you love and give the chance to your loved ones to do what they love as well.