Street Player Portraits.

Event, Portrait

Zabriskie created three player portraits for the launch of the 6th Engie Street Heroes season. The idea was to tell their story in a nutshell and to show their passion for street football. All three of them have one thing in common: football is probably the most important thing in their lives.

The first video tells the story of Mehdi Amri, the 13 year old Belgian Panna Champion.
Vilvoorde, Belgium
March 2017

ENGIE Street Heroes is a national street football competition for kids and youngsters who love to do tricks and show off with the ball. The game they play is called panna football: 1vs1 and the goal is to play the ball between the legs of your opponent. If you succeed, the game is won immediately (sort of a KO). This unique competition is organized by SVBV vzw and LFFR asbl.


The second portrait is about Nette Peeters, a girl who’s in love with the ball. She got instantly famous among street players in Belgium and abroad when a video of her was shared by some of the big football Instagram and Facebook pages.