Lindemans Lambic Tour.

Corporate, Event

Charming bike ride with a retro touch from the heart of Brussels to the Lindemans brewery in Vlezenbeek. On their way the participants discover the beautiful Art nouveau treasures of the Belgian capital.

Lindemans Lambic Tour is a beautiful bike ride combining the green character of the Pajottenland with the relaxed atmosphere of the capital on Car Free Sunday.
Brussels, Belgium
Sept 2017

For two years in a row, Zabriskie created the mood film of the Lindemans Lambic Tour, by order of the organizing event agency Sportizon. Instead of making a typical event after movie, we came up with a short story with a narrative thread; the young lad in his Belle Époque costume (2016) and the retro gentlemen with their ‘grand bi’ bikes (2017) taking part in the ride. The 2017 video was produced in collaboration with Tom Chevé (Redskprod).


From the heart of Brussels to Lindemans Brewery, from Lindemans Brewery to the heart of Brussels… Choose the direction you prefer and follow the itinerary that Lindemans has meticulously put together. Whichever direction you choose, don’t forget to warm up your calf muscles gently and quench your thirst with a tasty Lindemans lambic beer on arrival. The master brewers will welcome you with enthusiasm and tell you all about the secrets of Lindemans’ unique lambic.