Equine Sports Medicine Practice.


Equine Sports Medicine Practice (ESMP) offers ambulatory consultations and medical follow-ups in working horses. It also proposes special diagnostic exams to evaluate performance. The briefing was to make a short video that showcases the activity of the company and that ESMP is dedicated to bringing top level horses to their best health and performance.

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Picture credits: Wilhelm Westergren Photography.

A short presentation video for ESMP, a specialized veterinary service dedicated to sport and race horses.
Villers-la-Ville, Belgium
June 2018

Horses are amazing athletes that excel in very different disciplines: from racing to dressage, endurance to show jumping. Each discipline requires a specific physical preparation. To reach and maintain peak performance and stay healthy throughout his or her career, each athlete needs to be regularly monitored.

With cutting edge equipment, ESMP provides special exams that may be done both at rest and during exercise, in real working conditions.